A Guide to Unoccupied Property Insurance



There's no doubt that unoccupied properties are at considerable risk when compared to occupied property. Thieves and vandals will often target unoccupied properties, especially when there are valuables inside. However this isn't the only risk to unoccupied property. You must also remember that fire and broken pipes can result in complete damage when there's no one around to tend to such problems.


Finding unoccupied property insurance at a good price is now easier than ever but there are certain ways to ensure that you don't pay more than you should, which will be covered at the end of the article.


When Unoccupied Property Insurance is Needed


Unoccupied property insurance is required whenever the property will be left unoccupied for an extended period of time. Often people mistakingly believe that they'll be covered by their current home insurance policy but in almost every case, these become void after a given period of time – usually 30 days.


One very common scenario where unoccupied property insurance is required is when a landlord has property in their portfolio that is either being renovated, is newly purchased or has had a tenant move out unexpectedly.


For home owners – there are a few reasons why unoccupied property insurance is taken out. First is when they own a property that's used a holiday home for part of the year and is left unoccupied for the rest and needs to be protected. Another reason is when taking an extended break away from their home for more than 30 days. Lastly is when home owners are having their home renovated or extended.


Types of Unoccupied Property Insurance


•Contents Insurance – Whenever possible, it's better to ensure that are now valuable contents left in an unoccupied property. When this isn't practical then contents insurance should always be sought.

•Building Insurance – Building insurance will protect your property for structural damage that might occur as a result of fire or flooding. This isn't always important to have included in a policy since structural damage is often very costly to repair.

•Property Owner's Liability – If a member of public were to become injured as a result of your property being unsafe then it could result in a big liability claim being filed against you. It's always better to prepare for such a possibility by getting property owner's liability.


Saving Money


•Secure the Property

•Obtain Multiple Quotes

•Get Short Term Cover


Getting Quotes Easily


Getting quotes for unoccupied property insurance is easier than it's ever been thanks to the number of insurance comparison sites (such as propertyinsurance.moonfruit.com) that are out there. Insurance comparison sites have made getting quotes from different insurance providers incredibly quick and simple. To get quotes from different insurers, all you have to do is provide a bit of information about your policy needs and you'll then have tailored quotes to compare and choose from. This not only saves you a great deal of time but could also save you a lot of money too.


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